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Date: 11th July 2015
2BV(SKA) series liquid ring type vacuum pump

2BV(SKA) series vacuum pump is used to pump gas and vapor, which suction pressure reaches 33mbar absolute pressure,(97% vacuum percentage). When the vacuum pump is operated under suction pressure lower than 80mbar for a long time, it need connected gas corrosion pipe to protect the pump. When an air ejector is equipped, the suction pressure can reach 10mbar, and the ejector can install in the vacuum pump directly. When it is used as a compressor, the maximum pressure reaches 0.26Mpa
Liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor is widely used in many industries such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and sugar making industry. When it was operating, the air compression under the constant temperature, it won't easily result in any danger, during the pump is suctioning or compressing any flammable or explosive gas. Therefore, the pump is widely used.